Easy way to convert DWG files into other compatible AutoCAD version.

Most of designed and drawing solution of construction, architecture, engineering are build using an AutoCad application. Whenever design are created by AutoCad,it gets stored in DWG file format which is typical native format of AutoCad. But for better visibility , you need to have you DWG files converted into later version of AutoCad . For this you have to follow few steps of DWG true convert process which is possible by using professional and powerful DWG True Convert software that help you to translates DWG files that has been build using AutoCAD , AutoCAD LT or other AutoCAD based application to following DWG formats such as AutoCAD R14, AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD 2002 and later version.

When you go with the DWG true convert process , you don't need any other AutoCAD application installed on your system as this is standalone utility that well capable of completing DWG files to later version AutoCAD file. It applies the same concepts as you get in AutoCAD application for conversion of files, so you expect precise same output parameter as what you get in the application. It gives fast conversion method to have complete your DWG files to latest version supported AutoCAD files.


With the help of DWG true converter utility , you can accomplish conversion of pen widths to line weights and the addition of page setups. When comes of it's implementation , you have got dialog box interface which assist you in each steps of conversion. First , you have to select the drawing files for conversion and mention current AutoCAD format and path. During DWG true convert conversion process , you are asked to choose the file formats and after selecting the formats and provide you options to set parameter such as pen width setting and page setups dialog box and , you have your files converted into your desired file formats.

To make your current AutoCAD DWG files compatible to later AutoCAD version files, you have to accomplish the above process which is possible by using professional utility. It is easy to use and can be available by simply free trial download DWG true Converter software.